Spring Garden Music



Sept. 2002

London: the Red Rose with John Butcher, Tony Wren, John Russell
Hamburg: with Birgit Uhler, Wittwulf Malik, Hannes Wienert
Berlin: Kule, with Axel Dorner, Birgit Uhler
Cologne: with Thomas Lehn, Carl-Ludwig Hubsch
Toulouse: with Le Quan Ninh, Martine Altenburger, Michel Doneda, Hannes Bauer
London, Bonnington Center, solo

March 2004

Paris, Les Voutes with Michel Doneda, Bertrand Denzler, Bertrand Gauguet
London, Mopomosa, with Phil Durrant
London, Bonnington Center, solo and with John Edwards
London, Klinker, with Gail Brand
Leeds, Termite Club, with Phil Durrant

Sept.-Oct. 2004

Brussels, duo with Nate Wooley
Antwerp, duo
Amsterdam, Kraakgeluiden, duo
Den Haag, the Garage, with Nate, Morten Nottleman, Carlos Iturralde
Cologne, with Nate, Karl Ludwig-Hubsch
Berlin, Stralau, with Nate, Michael Griener, Sabine Vogel
Paris, Theatre sur le pave, with Sharif Sehnaoui, Christine Sehnaoui, Agnes Palier, Jean Borde, Segira Murayama, Stefan Rives
Paris, Le Marchand de sables, solo
Marseille, GRIM, with Barre Phillips, Jean-Marc Montera
Puget-ville, with Barre Phillips

Feb. 2005

Japan--with Michel Doneda and Tatsuya Nakatani--"From Between"

Osaka, Tokushima, Kobe, Saitama, Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Morioka, Okayama

Feb.-March 2005

France--From Between
Poitiers, Carre Bleu
Brest, Penn-Ar-Jazz
Le Havre, Pied Nu
Lille, La Malterie
Metz, Theatre Saulcy
Strasbourg, Musee d'Art Moderne et Contemporaine
Malakoff (Paris), Fabrica-son

April-May 2006

Beirut, Irtijal Festival, solo and trio with John Dikeman and Raed Yassin
Toulouse, solo and with Heddy Boubaker and Segiro Murayama
Barcelona, solo and with Christopher Williams
Paris, with Marlene Jobstl (dancer)
Paris, Atelier Robert Maurice, with Agnes Palier
Paris, Tampon, with Michael Johnsen, Dan Warburton, Benjamin Duboc
Tour with Michael Johnsen
Zurich, WIM
Strasbourg, Stimultania Gallery
Metz, trio with Jean-Philippe Gross
Brussels, Mommenatelier
Brussels, Cafe Walvis
Amsterdam, Kraakgeluiden
Den Haag, The Garage, with Morten Nottleman
Le Havre, Pied Nu, with Sebastien Cirotteau
Cherbourg, Evreux, ?, with Sebastien
Paris, with Christine Sehnaoui, Sharif Sehnaoui, Sebastien
Paris, Es Muss Sein, trio with Pascal Battus

Oct.-Nov. 2006

Scandinavia Solo Tour
Oslo, Spasibar, duo with butoh dancer Azumaru
Stockholm, solo and with
Helsinki, Finland, solo
Tallin Estonia solo
Jyväskylä Finland, solo
Tampere, solo and with
Turku, solo
with Agnes Palier and Olivier Toulemonde
Bern, and with Paed Conca
Strasbourg, Stimultania Gallery
Munster, Cuba Culture
Berlin, Ausland
with Fabrizio Spera and Alberto Braida
Solo, etc. in Italy
San Marino, with

April 2007

with Carol Genetti, Jon Muller--NomTom
Paris, Es Muss Sein
Rennes, Le Bon Accueil
Le Havre, Pied Nu Festival
with Carol Genetti
Strasbourg, Stimultania
Lyon, Grand Guignol
Lyon, Gallerie, plus duo with Guillaume Vittard
Toulouse, the Ring
Paris, Jemmapes, also with Agnes Palier and Sebastien Bouhana
Rambouillet, same quartet

October-November 2007

Liverpool: Fracture Festival with Grundik Kasyansky
London with Grundik and Guillaume Viltard
Rome with Michael Thieke
Rome , with Thieke, Spera, and Braida
Vienna, with Marlene Jobstl
Vienna, with Franz Hautzinger and Burckhart Stangl

--tour with Andrew Drury, percussion--
Mostar, Bosnia,
Travnik, Bosnia
Zagreb, Croatia: Not Only Jazz Festival
Ljubljana, Slovenia

September 2008

Lodi Italy --

trio with Agnes Palier and Olivier Toulemonde at the Contemporaneamente Festival, also in a large ensemble (Perfect World) with these plus Alberto Braida, Mazen Kerbaj, Giancarlo Locatelli, Elio Martusciello, Sharif Sehnaoui, Fabrizio Spera, and Luca Venitucci

Rome, with Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci and Luca Tilli

tour with Guillaume Vilard and Grundik Kasyansky:

Amsterdam (Steim)
Antwerp, Belgium
Le Havre
Saint-Cast-le-Guildo (on Breton coast)
Saint-Germain d'Ectot (near Caen)
Paris (also with Agnes Palier)


March 2010

London, session with Grundik Kasyansky, Seymour Wright, and Paul Abbott London
Basle, performance with Christophe Schiller (prepared spinett--small harpsichord)
Zurich, at WIM with Hans Koch, bass clarinet
Bern, at Reitschule with Paed Conca, Alberto Braida, Christin Wildbolz, Ab Bars
Lausanne solo and with Jorg Barilletti
Lucerne and Langenthal with Urs Leimgruber

Naples and Rome with Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci, Luca Tilli
Rome with Roberto Bellatella
Paris, Brussels and Liege with Olivier Toulemonde and Agnes Palier
Paris with Eve Risser
Paris with Claude Parle
Berlin with Chris Heenan, Christopher Williams, Mickaele Pellegrino, Tanya Chen, et al.

London, session with Grundik Kasyansky and Guillaume Viltard
London, at Welsh Chapel with Seymour Wright and Ross Lambert


October 2011

London, performances with Grundik Kasyansky and Guillaume Viltard and duo with Johan Nystrom
Paris, with Johan and Claude Parle
Berlin with Nystrom, Mikaele Pellegrini, Patrick Crossland and Christian Marien; also with Christopher Williams, Sebastian Maschat, and Clayton Thomas
Rome with Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci, and Luca Tilli; and duo with Roberto Bellatella
Itri with Fabrizio, Luca, and Luca


October 2012

tour with Andrew Drury

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku (Finland), Tallin (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Warsaw, Krakow (Poland), Berlin, Cottbus, Hamburg

Athens Solo

Rome Solo, duo with Mike Cooper, quartet with Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci, and Luca Tilli


October-November 2014

Le Havre - solo and with Guillaume Garaud

Paris various concerts - with Pascal Battus, Claude Parle; with Nusch Werchowska, Ugo Boscain, Sybille Gauchard, Rafaele Arditti

Lille - solo

Brussels - solo and with Audrey Lauro

Amsterdam - various concerts: solo and with Michael Vatcher and Wilbert De Jood

Hamburg - with Gunnar Lettow

Berlin - various concerts: solo and duo with Michel Doneda; with Max Stehle, Mikaele Pellegrino, Tristan Honsinger, Klaus Kurvers; with Korhan Erel, Emilio Gordoa, Adam Pultz


September 2017 - Duo Tour with guitarist Zach Darrup

Manchester UK at X-fest UK with various musicians, including Viv Corringham, Zach Darrup, Mia Zabelka, Emmanuel Lalande, Audrey Chen, and others

Sheffield, Oxford, and London (Cafe Oto)

Lille and Amsterdam,

Rennes (the Pont Superieur for a workshop, and concert with Nusch Werchowska), Le Havre, Rouen, Paris


November 2018

Manchester UK with Mark Browne and Ross Lambert

Sheffield with Browne, Lambert, and Sonic Pleasure

Cheltenham with Dominic Lash and Chris Cundy

Birmingham with Lash and Mark Sanders

London: trio with Sanders and Olie Brice; and with the Association of Musical Marxists (All-stars)

Lille, two solo performances

Rest of the tour with Evan Lipson, double bass:

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gent, Brussels, Hamburg, and Denmark: Sonderburg, Toflund, and Copenhagen


March 2019 Roughhousing

France: Le Havre (Pied Nu Festival), Rouen, Caen, Paris

Finland: Helsinki, Pori, Tampere

Denmark: Copenhagen


May 2019

Denmark: Juderup Accordion Traef (week-long Improvisation workshop); Copenhagen performances

Gotesburg: duo with Anton Jonsson

Oslo: quartet with Andreas Roysum and others

Stavenger Norway: duo with Roysum


April 2023 Duo with Ben Bennett (projected)

Our planned tour of Greece, Italy, and the Balkans in March 2020 was cancelled due to covid...

France: Paris, Le Havre, festival; Rouen, Lille

Belgium: Brussels

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Germany: Hamburg, Berlin

Denmark: Copenhagen

Sweden: Goteborg