Grundik Kasyasky, Guillaume Viltard, and Jack Wright at St. Marks Church in London, Nov. 11, 2007

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Jack and Guillaume playing in Lyon in April 2007 here

trio recorded by Simon Reynell March 2010 on Bandcamp here

This trio has been performing each year on Wright's annual visits to Europe. In September 2008 they toured Belgium, Netherlands, France--Normandy and Brittany, and in subsequent years performed in London.

Jack Wright  see bio page

Guillaume Viltard

Born in 1975 in the North of Ivory Coast, I had grown up in a wild countryside with almost no music - but many natural sounds. Back in France at the age of 10, I was seized by a compulsive desire of music, listening to many sorts of music, and especially free jazz, to the great displeasure of my brothers who never appreciated Cecil Taylor for breakfast. I was dreaming about bass playing but started studying philosophy. By the whims of fate, I saw a double bass at a friend's flat. A few weeks after, I was studying at the Paris Conservatoire and having private jazz lessons. It was ages ago.

I gave my first improvised bass solo in 2003 (not without apprehension !) I have played with many artists of the French improv' scene, including Heddy Boubaker, Nusch Werchowska, Isabelle Duthoit, Alexandre Kittel, Catherine Jauniaux, Jean Pallandre, Mathias Pontévia, Etienne Brunet, Soizic Lebrat, Sébastien Coste, etc. I have also organised many concerts in Lyon where I lived from 2000 to 2007.

Living in London now, I'm working with the new improv' generation (Sebastian Lexer, Ross Lambert, James O Sullivan, Jerry Wigens and others…) as well as some older players, such as John Butcher. Among my favourites are a really nice new trio with Jamie Coleman on trumpet and Ute Kanngiesser on cello ; a project for a double-bass duo with John Edwards, and also a quartet working both on compositions & improvisation with I-Chin Li (piano), Junjun Li (voice) & Tom Mudd (laptop). The trio with Grundik Kasyansky and Jack Wright is also a musical and human exciting experience, which is possible when Jack comes to Europe.

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videos: solo , with Eddie Prevost Trio, and with Ute Kanngiesser

Grundik Kasyansky

Grundik Kasyansky (b. 1974, Moscow) is a London-based musician who works in experimental improvisation, live installation, audio collage, and designs sound for dance, theatre and film. He wrote poetry before switching to electronic music and it has deeply influenced his current practice.

He works on a regular basis with London-based musicians Seymour Wright, Sebastian Lexer, Jamie Coleman, Paul Abbott, Ross Lambert, Ute Kanngiesser, Guillaume Viltard, Jenny Alum and Eddie Prevost; and has collaborated with musicians Jack Wright, Ferran Fages, Bonnie Jones, Frank London, Victoria Hanna, Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga, Tom Solovitzik, with choreographers Erika Tsimbrovsky, Katsura Kan, Ximena Garnica and Dganit Shemy; and with video artists Shige Moriya, Ofri Cnaani, and Hagar Goren among many others.

“Grundik Kasyansky’s use of electronics as jarring disruptors of acoustic instrumentation is thoroughly inspiring, refreshing, and as original as anything else I’ve heard in a long while.” - Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear